Are you interested in learning more about Yin yoga and it’s many benefits?

Does the idea of deepening and expanding your yoga practice appeal to you?

Would you like to offer Yin to your students if you are currently teaching yoga?

This training and immersion is suitable for teachers and non teachers alike and is designed for all levels of practitioners.

Yin Yoga is full of relaxing, restoring and intentional movement. It is the perfect practice to compliment the typically busy, Yang pace of our lives. Yin Yoga is a meditative, slower paced yoga with longer periods spent in the pose. All but one of the postures are practiced on the floor, seated or lying down. In part, it is designed to release tension deep in the muscles and connective tissue. This practice complements all other styles of yoga.

This intimate practice asks practitioners to get still and BE with themselves. Time spent in the postures is much like time spent in meditation and can help regulate the flow of energy in the body as well as calm the nervous system. Yin gives us the opportunity to practice the art of acceptance. In fact, the essence of Yin is acceptance. Yin yoga has been gaining popularity and research shows that it can be beneficial in managing depression addictions, eating disorders, anxiety and deep pain or trauma.

This Course offers:

•Philosophy of Yin YogA

•Principles of Yin Yoga

•A daily Yin Yoga practice

•Yin Yoga Sequencing

•Journaling and opportunity for reflection

•Intention Setting

•Timing of a Yin Yoga sequence

•Focused Practice time for delivery of a Yin Yoga class

•Manual for you to take home

•25 CEUS with Yoga Alliance if you are registered

About Sam

Sam was introduced to yoga more than 30 years ago in Canada. Eight years ago she began her journey IN with Yin. Sam believes “Yin yoga has been transformational for me. The practice allows me to go inside, to get still, to be the observer and to practice acceptance. It offers me an opportunity to notice where the cracks are and where I can allow for more light. I want to live my best life. I want to have an open heart as well as loving, healthy relationships with myself and others. I strive to be real. I strive to be authentic. I continually remind myself that that I am a work in progress. I endeavour to be be the best version of myself and Yin Yoga provides some great tools for all of this.” Sam offers classes, workshops and Yin Teacher Trainings/Immersions around the globe and currently lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Comments from past participants:

What a wonderful experience. The course had a relaxed pace and tone about it and Sam's calm style really helped us to strip away the physical layers and venture within as we explored Yin.

The experience that I had in this course was above and beyond my expectations. Sam is an incredible teacher and the shala is a great space for learning. Sam gave us plenty of time to practice, to ask questions and to share which I really appreciated. We took home a manual with even more information about Yin. I would highly recommend this course, and this teacher.

Sam is such a lovely yogi, it is always enjoyable and inspiring to be in her presence. She is passionate about Yin yoga, and it shines through in this course.

Sam’s ‘da best! She is authentically in service to each soul present. She is a gift and a really awesome, vibing, radiant being of love.

Sam is awesome at holding space for all as well as creating a safe place for students to get IN deep with Yin. Her warm, welcoming, accepting and loving manner support and allow for transformation. I highly recommend this course!


July 5, 6, 7 (Friday - Sunday) 8am-5pm (with breaks for lunch)




apply via email to and you will be provided with more information on registration.