the freedom we seek

What if you knew you could never make a mistake again? 

That from here on out every choice you made would lead you exactly to where you need to be? Life works this way, but it is our lack of trust that gets in the way. Trust isn’t something that you can just claim to do, rather it requires a series of experiences that teach us that life isn’t going anywhere, that every ending is only again another opportunity to begin. 

We aren’t so much trapped in this cycle of cause and effect, but have the ability to flow in all directions all at once. Can you feel yourself as a luminous being? Life is calling for us to be seen beyond what has happened and once had been. And when we are seen in this way transformation is activated through either what is lingering and leftover unconsciously or what ignites as potential and possibility.

To be seen only shows us how comfortable we are with who we are within, and our discomfort points the way in which we have yet to forgive. To be at peace is to call back all our pieces and parts, and to mend them together is how trust starts. There is nothing that is unforgivable.

There is nothing that is unforgivable. 

All paths lead to liberation, we cannot choose the wrong one. If you string together the moments that brought you here you would have a constellation as unique as you. This is the Beauty of it all. Forgiveness is not for them, but is the freedom to learn what it means to be you. This is a journey we all have to make, to come face to face with what we’ve done and the risks we didn’t take, to rewrite our mistakes as the points of entry into learning what it means to be a living breathing being.

Written by Brandi Stuber