the perfection of us

These last few years I have been spending more and more time in nature. Whether it be a walk in the trees, laying in the grass or skipping a stone in the river, I increasingly marvel at the perfection nature has provided us. Everything seems to run in perfect order and encompasses a beautiful cycle of life. The chirp of robins, the colour of a blue jay and the way a goose can fly right above the water without getting it's wings wet is a testament to the remarkability and awe that this world provides us with. Upon closer inspection, everything from the clouds in the sky to the tiniest blade of grass contributes to this greater portrait of perfection. 

This leads me to wonder though, if everything in nature is perfect just as it is, why do we as humans sometimes fall into the belief about ourselves that "nobody's perfect"? We may hold this belief about ourselves and others when we criticize our appearance, our behaviours and the way we show up in this world. Can we relearn to hold a gaze for ourselves and each other that we are still as perfect as when we came into this world as tiny infants? And yes, perhaps there may be areas we want to improve upon, but rather than focusing on the perfection at the end point, can we turn our gaze to the perfection within ourselves that already exists? When did we forget that we too are a part of this circle of perfection in nature?

Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing flaws, what if we offered a loving gaze to see the perfection in ourselves? This makes me wonder that if we accept and love ourselves more consistently and more intentionally, would this then flow into a greater love and acceptance of others? Perhaps we can view ourselves and each other the same way we view nature; with an awe and reverance for exactly what we are in this moment in time. Allowing ourselves to love freely without assumptions or criticism reveals the humanity that we all share deep in our core.

Back to the saying that "nobody's perfect". Isn't that like saying an entire species on this earth is innately flawed? Would we say that about spiders, bees, ants or any other species on this planet? Or can we see their contribution and the role they play in this circular path of nature. To say "nobody's perfect" about the human species is to imply there is always a fixing or alteration we need to be working upon to make ourselves perfect. If we accept ourselves how we are and where we are in this present moment, maybe this will facilitate a greater opening and awareness to the self love we hold within. Embracing this self love can touch us, for when we truly love ourselves we are so much better able to love everything around us.

So I offer you this, next time you marvel at the gorgeousness of nature, turn this same gaze upon yourself and to those around you. You may just see the perfection that exists and the common thread of love that ties us and all of nature together.

Written by Bridget Neigum