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vinyasa basics

this is the perfect place to start. we will break down alignment in basic postures, learning "how" to do the pose, and explore transitions between the postures encouraging us to link breath with movement, building our strength and flexibility. this class is appropriate for beginners or those of us looking to refine our understanding of vinyasa yoga. 

SATTVA restorative yoga

this practice is ideal for any level of practitioner, and is deeply rejuvenating and therapeutic at the same time. this class maintains all of the same awareness and integration of action that you find in our dynamic practice, but with wonderful long holds and more supportive postures. this is a perfect after-work or evening practice.


perfect for those that hunch over a computer all day, that experience tension in their upper bodies including tight shoulders and stiff necks. refine your posture and open space for a more expansive breath. appropriate for all levels, including beginners.

vinyasa flow

Vinyasa can be translated as "arranging something in a special way." this flow style class uses creative sequencing to link breath and movement building a strong foundation of fundamental postures. be open to focus on alignment while incorporating options to explore and advance your practice. this is an all levels class that invites you to experience your practice in a fresh way each time you arrive to your mat. 


SATTVA yoga is a present day expression of the ancient pathways that have been laid out before us. SATTVA yoga uses the body and it's energy connected to the breath to invoke what is known as the lines of awareness and the integrative action lines. The awareness is used to align the body systems: skeletal, muscular, vascular, glandular, digestive, and nervous, to name a few. The physical and energetic practices of SATTVA yoga are designed to sequentially engage the practitioner from the densest levels of their experience to their most subtle level of experience again and again so that the practitioner for can realize for themselves the pathways that exist which promote health and well being. This creates a suitable environment for the mind to the rest into the body, using the body as the tool to discover and work with one's own psychology. This environment enables the practitioner to realize for themselves what is clearly FOR them - what is aligned with their life purpose - and what can be let go of and no longer needed, or that which is creating turbulence or ripples within the steadying consciousness of mind.

hips and hamstrings

designed for desk jockeys, runners, chronic slouchers, and of course, tight hip and hamstring holders.  focus will be on facilitating flexibility and space using the integrity of the body. a slow paced stretch class, appropriate for all levels, including beginners.


a practice to build a greater connection to your baby, body and breath. explore movement, physical postures and breath while learning how to make space for baby. modifications and props available, all levels of pregnancy and practice welcome.
a six week session, check here for session dates.
no drop in available.