brandi stuber, E-ryt-200

Brandi has been teaching yoga in Medicine Hat and surrounding area since 2012. Her intuitive teaching style allows students to find connection, acceptance, and stillness within their practice. Since completing her 200 HR YTT with Meghan Currie in 2013, and many years of practice with her mentor Tom Wilde, she has applied her understanding of alignment and vinyasa into a practice that aims to strip away unnecessary tension held into the body to expand capacity for space, and integrity. Visit to learn more about her courses and workshops.


kristi campbell, RYT-200

I came to yoga 6 years ago and fell madly in love immediately. The way I can feel so grateful and yet powerful during my practice is captivating. In a beautiful moment of surrender I realized that yoga was the piece of my heart that had been missing my whole life. So when the opportunity arose to take my YTT from Brandi Stuber I jumped at the opportunity to immerse myself in my practice and learn how to share it with others. I completed my 200 hr training December 2017. 

As a mom of 4 I see daily the benefits of a strong practice, not only in my parenting but in my children as well. I believe truly that yoga is the greatest gift I can give them. It is my hope that I can teach from my heart and experiences to build a community of support for parents and introduce yoga to littles. I am so very excited for this opportunity to share my love of yoga with our community.



During a surf retreat in Hawaii in 2006, Renée was introduced to the lineage of yoga and fell head over heels. She cultivated her love of yoga by going through her Teacher Training in Edmonton at her beloved studio, Yoga Within. Delving deeper in her practice, she completed her 200 HR YTT with Melanie Checknita in 2015 in the tradition of Hatha. Renée's philosophy in teaching is to promote proper alignment, teach from the heart to safely, effectively and respectfully guide you into embracing the benefits of creating the union of breath, mind and body balance while finding your own path in the journey of yoga.



Fifteen years ago, Jane looked to yoga as a way to cope with anxiety and panic attacks. Yoga helped her experience a state of relaxation and calm that she had difficulty achieving at that time. As her practice evolved she was drawn to know more about the philosophies of yoga and to share what she learned with others. In 2015 she completed a 200 hour YTT at The Yoga Studio College of Canada in Calgary, Alberta. She continued her training with a 300 hour YTT at the Inspired Yoga Institute in Calgary, Alberta and completed it in 2016. Presently, Jane’s yoga practice deepens as she continues to explore and experience the many branches of yoga. Her teaching reflects her experience that the power of yoga lies in everybody’s ability to be present and open to experiences on the yoga mat. What we learn on our yoga mats are the foundations for living fully in our daily lives. 



Melanie's journey into yoga has led her to new perspectives, enabling her to begin to teach from a place of self love and acceptance to gain a deeper understanding of ourself.


tiffany braun, RYT-200

5 years ago her yoga journey began and somewhere along the lines it got lost, only to be found again at the end of August 2017 when her heart was awakened again to the study and practice of the 200 hour yoga teacher training. 

She has learned the importance of honouring her body, and listening to what it needs from spending years sitting at a desk, running, and doing crossfit. Tiffany's teaching shares her love of yoga, and her knowledge of injury rehabilitation to provide slower paced classes with appropriate modifications. She believes that modifications don't make a pose any less challenging, it's just a story we tell ourselves.



I hated yoga the first times that I tried it. It forced me to slow down in a too busy life. It was uncomfortable. And then I learned how yoga could be a tool to help me deal with anxiety, to sleep at night. I became curious. I wanted more.
My practice has evolved from routine flowing through poses to listening to my body to move more intuitively, learning to trust myself in my practice and as I move through life.



I came into Teacher Training wanting to find myself. After 11 years of being a mom I often asked myself, "besides a mom, who am I?"
While I have discovered a lot of things about myself and ways to change, I have accepted that this will be a constant. Change is good, it helps us to grow and defines our future. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and know that I cannot always control it but to be okay with letting it be, the way it was meant to be. My new journey is just beginning and I am excited for what lies ahead.


lori skagen, RYT-200

I was drawn to yoga about six years ago as a fitness routine and immediately became hooked. It didn’t take long to realize that yoga is not only a physical practice, but a mental one as well. In 2014 while living in Vancouver I began to dive deeper into to my yoga journey by enrolling in the teacher training program at Prohealth Yoga. I was drawn to this program because of their strong background in returning to the basics and focusing on foundation and alignment principles of each posture. The yoga training was initially for personal knowledge, but I soon realized that what I was learning was meant to be shared. During my recent pregnancy I found that my practice completely changed, feeling postures in a whole new amazing and challenging way. I knew that I wanted to learn more about this style of practice and share with others on their journey to motherhood. This led to my current enrollment in Pre and Postnatal teacher training through Mamata Yoga. One of the many things I took away from my teacher training is “learn to learn, learn to teach, and teach to learn.”

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